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Alexandra Lavrillier

Assistant Professor « Anthropology – Siberian studies »

Informations générales

Course(s) : -
Root structure : Institute for Earth Sciences and Astronomy (OVSQ)
Email : alexandra.lavrillier@uvsq.fr
Phone : 01 80 28 53 27


Assistant Professor « Anthropology – Siberian studies », Master1&2 « Arctic Studies », European Center for the Arctic (CEARC / OVSQ) ; Associated researcher - GSRL (Group Societies, Religions, Laïcity) – CNRS UMR 8582 ; Member of Research Group «Polar Mutations » (CNRS UMR 6049) ; Member of International Research Group « Nomadism, societies and environment in Central and Northern Asia  » (NSEACS) (UMR 7130), Member of the project DoBeS « Even Dialectal and cultural diversity » (Max Planck Institute (MPI EVA), (Leipzig, Germany).

Activities / CV

Ex-student of Paris 10 Nanterre & EPHE – Anthropology and of INALCO – Russian language (Paris)
Max Planck Institute – EVA, Leipzig (Germany), Researcher
INALCO (France), Lecturer
State University of Blagovescensk (Russia), Lecturer
CNRS-MSH, ECHO (5th PCRDT), NECEP project (http://www.necep.net), Researcher
EPHE – V section (France), Lecturer
State University of Yakutsk (Russie), Lecturer
CNRS-UMR 7103, Villejuif (France), Scientific publication project

List of courses

Anthropology, Master1&2 « Arctic Studies »
MSAR 304 - Arctic societies
MSAR 305 – Scientific writing and project conception
MSAR 3013 – Arctic anthropology – Siberian studies

Subject of research

Economics of the nomads, management of landscape, microclimates and animal/vegetal resources; Ritual practices (shamanism and neo-rituals/festivals); material and immaterial components of humans and animals; Contemporary economic and social adaptations; Climate Change: economic, politic, social and religious consequences among the reindeer herders, the hunters and the salmon fishermen of Siberia. (Evenk, Even, Yakut, Nanaj)

Last update of this page : July 25, 2011

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